Wednesday, June 27, 2012

zee dishwasher, she is empty

So I emptied the dishwasher.

I also chopped up some fruit (yaay!) and threw together my famous-in-my-own-mind corn/bean salad for my friends and some potato salad just because I could.

I'm worried about the corn/bean salad because my friends don't like beans (seriously, unnamed friends??) so I tried to maximize corn/minimize beans and still get the marinade right.

Just between you and me, I have concerns.

Anyway, that's mostly all I've gotten done, but since that is more (visible) progress than I've had in quite some time I am considering it a win and heading to the pool.

(p.s.  Oh how I dream of sleeping more than five hours at night.  Someone text me around midnight and remind me to partake of some melatonin with chamomile?  Mucho thanks.)

Anyhoo, time's a-wastin, but here are a few pix of what's been going on around here this week.

I got a smoothie and it was delightful.  

p.s.  this picture makes me feel all happy inside; I dunno why.


Remember when we went to Target and ate our Chicken Minis?  That was fun.


Even at 80% off...

...these two verge on priceless :)


This was my breakfast yesterday (riveting!).  It was so fresh and beautiful I had to take a picture because I'm just that lame thankful.  

Summer fruit cut up by me in my very own cleaned-up kitchen.   

Swoony(Hi Shannan!)

(p.s. there's a lot of fiber going on in that bowl I can tell you right now...)


Hi Peyton!

True story:  This sweet baby rolled over twice in his crib on his five-monthday.  While not one anybody was watching.  

Little goober.

Okay!  That's it and also that's all.  For now.

I hope your summer is going swimmingly.

(HA!  Swimmingly!  Cause we're going to the pool, get it?)

(couldn't be helped...)

Happy Wed-nes-day!

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