Wednesday, June 13, 2012

things not at the beach

Audrey Faith is not at the beach, and she's not at all happy about it.

She called me while we were driving down, and she chattered on and on about how I was going to the beach and taking my black swimsuit (babygirl has a killer memory!) and how I'm going to swim and go to the beach and take my black swimsuit.  She was so happy for me and talked until I told her I had to go rest my ears.

Not really.  

But I did have to go because it was time for a bathroom/Pepsi/chocolate break and time was a-wastin.

Katie told me the next day she got up and got dressed in her ladybug swimsuit and matching "arm pits" (swim vest) (don't ask), goggles, and other assorted paraphernalia...and informed her mama she was ready to go to the beach with Naynay.

Oh y'all....

Peanut loved his first cereal!

Peyton?  Also not at the beach.

Not only that, but he sprouted another tooth and didn't even care that I wasn't there.  

Didn't. Even. Care.

Sweet, oh-so-yummy Owen is not at the beach either.  

Not even a little bit.


There's a crazy lot of wonderful here by the sea, but still it feels just a bit lonely enjoying such goodness without my, you know, heart.

Yet somehow I soldier on.

It's the right thing to do.

Suffering by the sea in my black swimsuit,

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