Saturday, June 2, 2012

favorite reads: "you are more than your swimsuit"

Hi guys :)

I'm pretty busy today being all distracted by tiny children who think I'm more great than I actually am, and I nearly forgot to share this weeks Favorite Read with ya.  I know many of us are in the early stages of stuffing ourselves into swimsuits and getting over ourselves and thought this little piece of encouraging perspective might give you a smile.

Lisa-Jo posted this last year and I loved it then.  Apparently she has quite appropriately declared it an annual sort of ode self-acceptance.

Anyhoo, you might like it too, especially if you've birthed any babies ;)

...I've gotta run.  If I stay still too long the babies might realize I've been perpetrating a fraud regarding the aforementioned greatness, and stage a revolt.

And I'm just gonna say it, I'm a little too sleepy to deal with any revolting today.

Happy Happy Saturday!

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