Friday, June 15, 2012

six on friday. just because.

1.  I loved reading every single page of 7.  

In fact, I loved it so much I finished the last page and wanted to go straight back to the beginning to read it again... and I don't remember ever doing that before.  My plan is as follows:  As soon as I get home I will pull out my multicolored highlighters and go to town! 

I see some serious adventuring in my future because this is certainly not a book one can read and then do nothing.

2.  Speaking (kinda) of doing nothing, Angie made me cry.  and want to be better.  I can't wait to see how God's going to grow me.

(I think.)  

(I might also be a little bit scared.)

3.  I have consumed approximately 300 Pepsi-Colas in the previous week.  

Just thought I should share.

Smile Donna!

4.  I might have developed an allergy to the sun because I've had some odd little bug-bite-y/pimply spots popping up. 

I have no idea when it happened, but I am SO 92 years old.

5.  The little girls are mostly teetering on the edge of hysteria and coma.

Fun can wear one out.

6.  Our huge decision of the day is are we going to load up and drive home tonight or get up in the morning and face the traffic.  

Either way we feel like some sort of sad little vacation cliche.

All I know for sure is I just remembered there was no lunch at the pool, which means today consisted of two blueberry pancakes and a handful of potato chips with pepper (YUM), so at this point who really cares about, well, anything else.

...for now I'm off to find something edible that is not a Pepsi-Cola.  I'll catch ya on the flip side - when perhaps I will more effectively string together my sentences!

See ya later, alligator!

p.s.  No spellcheck/editing tonight.  Don't judge.

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