Monday, October 11, 2010

Counting my blessings in October...

holy experience

A few more things for which I am thankful...

a pink morning sky chasing away nighttime

a good night's sleep

58 degrees in october

sleeping with the windows open

praise & worship music on pandora

hot pink tutus that fit tiny, little birthday girls

spending the afternoon with my lastborn

84 degrees in october(!)

the book of Hebrews

panera's fugi apple chicken salad (substitute feta for gorgonzola; 86 the chicken :)

spiritual birthdays

the wonderful anticipation of a day with my family

shenandoah, lakeside, oakland, grace

pumpkins on the porch

sweet, oh-so-sweet, memories...

Happy Monday!

(a thousand gifts #43-57)


Terrie said...

I'm thankful for you. Just saw and remembered your's that for a good friend??!!
Another thankful thing: My daughter, Katie, who also has a birthday tomorrow, October 12th.
I appreciate all your reminders of "blessing" to us today.
Now I'll go back and read some of the other entries!

5ALLENZ said...

beautifully said.. and I am thankful for you!

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