Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Morning Musings

1.  I love it love it when the girls come over for Bible study.  We have dinner together & then I get to visit with them and hear how God is working in their lives.  Invariably I feel both convicted and encouraged as I hug them goodbye & close the door behind them.  There's just nothing better than spending time with young women who love the Lord and want to honor Him with their lives.  What a blessing this study has been to me!  Last night was supposed to be our last night discussing Beth Moore's Jesus, The One and Only but we had a bit of a miscommunication situation (missed you Starr!!), so we have one more night to go before we finish this one out.  I'm so excited to start thinking about the next one! 

2.  Guess who's coming to my house this afternoon to play??

That's right!  My sweet girl is coming to town - and oh yeah, her-mama-my-daughter will be coming with her :)  They're making one of their whirlwind trips to town and I expect to have a good 12 or 18 minutes of sheer bliss/play time.  Yaay for grandchildren!

3.  I'm pooped but I kinda miss Isaiah.  His parents did, in fact, return to Virginia and reclaim their child.  He is four and a little bit messy and energetic and hungry, but he thought I was cool and we laughed a lot.  If it weren't for my Bible study girls (see number one above) I might have been lonely last night.

4.  Owen will be joining us pretty soon.  That's won't be long now!  Katie's in the home stretch, and in a matter of weeks we will have a sweet baby boy to snuggle. 

It must be said.  Life is so sweet :)

5.  So last night I was ready to crawl in the bed at around 5:30 p.m.  I am ashamed to admit that I think I could be content with an 8:00 bedtime these days.  It is such a shame that when I was a child and had an 8:00 bedtime I hated it, and now that I'm tired and would love to have an 8:00 bedtime I'm a grownup and have, you know, stuff to do.  I've mentioned it before but it bears repeating.... life seems kind've upside down to me sometimes. 

So that's about it for now.  If you have any suggestions for our next Bible study feel free to drop me a line - - and if you're a young woman in your 20s and would like to join us let me know.  We'd love to see ya :)  Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Happy Friday!

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