Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The one with a zillion pictures

I had a wonderful weekend :)

Saturday we went to the Pumpkin patch!
Except for when I was (often) lugging Miss Noodle around as I gasped for breath, declaring I might expire at any moment and lamenting my lack of physical fitness, this was my view
- - and what a priceless view it was!
* * * * *

Are ya ready Naynay?

Get set!

Let's GO!!

Helloooo, Mr. Chicken!

Mean old Mr. Chicken!

Let's GO, Mama!

It's a bummer being little...


Stay AWAY from my bucket!

Goood Horsie...now where's that cow train?

This'll do just fine...

...and a good time was had by all!!  :)

(PS - This was an Audrey day when she was NOT feeling well. 
I can't even imagine how incapacitated I would be
if she had been at full strength! :)

Happy Tuesday!
Renee :)


Drew & Kari said...

These are good pictures... I don't mean to be mean... but... did you steal Katie's? If not, I LOVE the one of A looking at the big kids by the fence. Good work! ;)

Renee said...

Hehe, no sweetie I did not steal Kate's - this time anyway (stay tuned as tomorrow's snap IS one of hers:) Evidently I do slightly better when I'm outside...and thankya :)

Beth Simmons said...

These are such fun photos. Great story telling. This looks like a super fun farm to visit!

5ALLENZ said...

looks like the day was a success! Did you do the hayride too?

Renee said...

Beth, it was great! It's Layman's out on 460. They have that (huge) corn maze. Kari has been out there several times but I had never gone. It's wonderful for kids of all ages...complete with stinky animals & hot dogs :) - and it didn't hurt that God gave us a beautiful fall afternood that was sheer perfection :)

Yes Robin, we rode the hayride & Noodle did fine this time. (Were you with her on her birthday when she freaked out? :)

And I now have two pumpkins on my porch...one Audrey-sized & one big like Naynay.

Renee said...

...I can't even believe I typed afternood.

just sayin.

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