Monday, October 18, 2010

Counting My Blessings in October...

holy experience

This week has been crazy full of wonderful things. 
An embarrassment of riches, if you will. 

In the last week alone I have enjoyed...

an unexpected giggle-fest with an old friend

frank's pizza with my grandchildren-figures

yummy dinner prepared by someone I love

the sight of my daughter's round tummy, which is growing her first son, my first grandson

an impromptu visit with my mary


a long, happy day with my family

my mom

fresh, clean laundry

inspiration to get over myself - - same kind of different as me

clean windows that sparkle in the sunlight

the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven

my fuzzy black blanket

the precious, priceless certainty that God Almighty is moving right alongside nate as he serves his country far, oh-so-far, from his family and friends

the multitude of young men and women who are working so hard and sacrificing so much so that my family can sleep safely at night and worship freely in the daylight

my pillow, on my comfortable bed, lying under the sturdy roof that keeps me warm and dry at night

hugs, in all of the shapes and sizes of the beloved in my life

the ever awareness that the God who is the Giver of all Good Things is right here with me, enjoying me, enjoying Him!

...and I am thankful.

(I would so love to hear how God has blessed you this week :)

Happy Monday!

(a thousand gifts #58-75)

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5ALLENZ said...

same kind of different as me.... changed me too! Made me cry, and be thankful for so many things. Love you.

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