Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday again y'all

So first off, I can't even tell you how shocked I am to discover that I'm not the only person around who sniffs her hair or pokes her nose.  Seriously and truly, I have always thought that was incredibly...strange.  I feel so free now!!  Free to be me!

I think you should all throw your idiosyncrasies my way and I'll post them & we can see if there are any more weirdos among us.

I didn't tweet any celebrities this week.  Not unless you count BooMama, the blogger from Alabama who cracks me up on a regular basis.  I love me some BooMama but I do not think she counts as a celebrity.  She's funny & all but she's no Steve Martin.  (No offense intended, BooMama)  Amazingly enough... my good buddy Steve didn't even respond to my tweet.  I may have to unfollow him.  I'm thinking things over.

What I have noticed in my twitterworld, however, is that the majority of my entries have to do with food in some context.  I find this disturbing and mildly embarrassing, but I'm not sure why.

Terrie-the-English-teacher??  If you are reading my blog (and I know you are sporadic in doing so because evidently you have a life, because we have been unable to share a salad for two or twelve months), please do not judge my sentence structure.  I know better but it just feels so good to let the commas and periods and incomplete sentences and run-on sentences fly as they will.  Thankya. and I love ya.  that's all. 

I just remembered that not one single person has given me a Bible study suggestion for whenever we start back up sometime in the next 18 months or so.  Seriously, y'all, no one has any good ideas?  Give me something to work with here, will ya?

....and finally,

...this is my daughter, Katie.  She is that firstborn I keep talking about who is giving me a grandson pretty soon.  She's Audrey's mama and you know how much I love me some Audrey.  She's nice and all, but she often does not answer her telephone.  I am her mother.  I have questions, at times many questions.  Sometimes it is so sad being me.  I try and I try and all I get is that silly voicemail. 

Katie, sweetie, if you can hear me - and I know you can because we are oh so connected and you love your mama so much -  will ya call me sometime?  I miss the lilting sound of your voice.

Hehe (she's going to be so mad at me!!  :)

Happy Friday!

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This made me laugh. :)

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