Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Normal shmormal

Oprah (not that I usually watch Oprah, actually I almost never watch...she kinda sorta annoys me a lot) 

Sorry.  Rabbit trail and poor sentence structure much? 

(...and the award for using a phraseological reference that none of my friends-who-are-at-least-200-years-younger-than me will remember or appreciate goes to...the goofball who likes to pretend she knows how to form a sentence.)

Sorry again.

Let's start all over.  Oprah (Winfrey) had a show last week about being normal.  The few minutes I caught were pretty funny.  She polled people about random things ranging from nose-picking to "happily" married people sleeping in separate bedrooms.  The audience would then vote yes or no - anonymously - if they also did...whatever.  It was pretty funny. that got me to thinking...I've always assumed I'm kinda weird, but maybe I'm normal and didn't know it!  Therefore, I'm going to throw out some random things - that have absolutely nothing to do with me, and you can let me know if it sounds like you.  Got it?  Good.  Let's get started.

Do you buy ice instead of using your ice maker in your own fridge because you think that ice maker ice "tastes funny?"

Do you ever play with your hair?  Do you twirl it around and around your finger like you were a toddler?  Do you sniff it, like, a lot?  Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever picked up a can of Pillsbury vanilla icing for the express purpose of snacking on it with a spoon?

Do you play with your nose while watching TV?  No, not picking it!!  Just sort've poking around on the outside, wiggling it around, etc.?  Do you think that's weird?

Do you like one soda in the fountain drink form and a different soda in a can?  Do you refuse soda altogether if it is in the wrong form?

Do you count...often?  Do you count the steps going up and the steps going down, count between sign posts or mail boxes, or maybe the steps it takes to get to the fridge to retrieve the can of vanilla frosting?

Do you think I need psychiatric help?

If you do, don't tell me - I am obviously fragile. 

Just sayin :)

Happy Wednesday!


Lauren said...

Yes to buying ice. And hospital ice is the best ice ever. Yes to playing with hair. And noses. And fountain drinks are so much better.. so fizzy. You aren't weird. :)

Drew & Kari said...

I play with my hair and nose... and I think apples make you itchy.

Mommy2NandL said...

I agree with Lauren, hospital ice is the best! I actually make my ice in ice trays because I think the icemaker ice tastes disgusting. I play with my hair too....and sniff it. :)

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