Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did you guess?

Yeah, me neither!!  I cannot say with absolute certainty what on tarnation Angie and I are looking at, but I have a pretty decent guess so I say we go with that, okay?

First off, I do know this was New Year's Day/Our Family Christmas, so we were filling in our fancy-schmancy, brand-spankin' new daily planners with everyone's birthdays and anniversaries.

Alas, I must admit to the venture being a complete failure as Angie's birthday was this week, less than two weeks after noting said date, and I missed it.

It turns out having your family's birthdays written down in your pretty little calendar is pointless if you don't look at it.


What's that?  You're more curious about our posture than our organizational skills??

Well.  What I suspect is going on is a demonstration to my niece (who is taking horrific photos from the floor - giving us two to five chins depending on the angle) on how much younger and svelte mamas appear when looking upward. 

This particular shot may have been a touch of overkill.  But I do think we're looking pretty young.

Happy Sunday!
Renee :)


Lauren said...

This cracked me up because I always remember how you told me to always always always take pictures from above, not below. And I always do. Because of your fabulous advice. Glad you are still sharing it! :)

Renee said...

Well Lauren, when you know something of great value you must share it wtih the world. It's my duty to share what I know to be true. Love you!

Renee said...

I can't even believe I have a typo in my own comment. I thought about deleting it, but that feels prideful. Still love ya Lauren!

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