Thursday, January 6, 2011

A recap with a few less words

So I pretty much wore us nearly out Tuesday recapping our Christmas, but my family had one more celebration that must be adressed, journalized, noted for posterity, etc., etc.  However, since we're so sick of the pretend-sound of my voice I shall post some lovely, mediocre-quality photos and let them do the talking for me.  Photojournalism at its best, folks.

My brothers and sisters are not all here in town - and we have way too many places to be over the holidays - so years ago we designated the first Saturday following Christmas Day to be our Christmas gathering.  Gotta say it works pretty well.  It's nice to have a plan, and we don't feel so torn to be thirty-eleven different places at the same time.  And we get to stretch out the eating like crazypeople thing all the way through New Year's.  This year we were missing a few, but nearly all of us made it.  Mom made her macaroni salad and Heavenly Hash, so basically the world will continue to spin on the 'ole axis...and there was lots of huggin' & laughin' & teasin & clowning around to be done.   All in all, New Year's Day was pretty great, if I do say so myself. 

Although it's kind've a shame that we don't get along better.

Happy Thursday!

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