Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm just going to warn you right now.  I'm feeling all listy these days & I'm not sure it is going to change anytime soon.  I don't know what has gotten into me lately but I can't seem to shake this good mood that I have going. 

So I press on.

Tuesday morning was the beginning of another Bible study at SBC.  Now I started to say "I can't even tell you how much I love Tuesday morning Bible studies," but then realized OH YES I CAN!   So I shall now share WHY I love me some Tuesday morning Bible study.

1.  I love-love the variety of the ladies attending.  I don't know what makes the morning-study so unique, but more so than in any other setting I find there to be a simply delightful mix of women.  It's different from study to study, but on Tuesday I met beautiful young women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s...and I'm pretty near certain there is maybe one or three even older than that but I REFUSE to say in order to protect my they like me status... 

(Wouldn't it be AWFUL to get it wrong?!!  No way I'm risking that kind of terrible awful mistake.)

Anyhoo, there are mamas with babies and mamas who are grandmas, and everywhere in between.  There are women who are single (Hi, my name is Renee and I do not have a husband ;) and who are married.  There are women attending who I have loved nearly as long as I haven't... and some adorable ladies I met Tuesday.

Like I said VARIETY!

2.  There is something about waking up first thing in the middle of the week with the intention of putting on pants that button, running a brush through my hair, and hugging on some friends that makes me happy to see what happens next.

3.  There are snacks every. single. week.  All manner of yumminess that does not include the hard-boiled egg or steel-cut oats that I typically eat.  And I'm just going say it.  I am a lover of the random, pot-lucky snack item.  Snacks are good and good for ya.

4.  We share prayer requests, and I write them down, and then I pull that list during the week and pray for these women with their varied lives.  I love the sharing.  I love the praying.  I love the getting behind the smiles part of the sharing.  I can't even tell you how my heart broke when the lady sitting three chairs down from me quietly told us she would likely lose her husband within weeks. 

We never know what kind of pain the person sitting beside us might be experiencing...

5.  Coming together week, after week, after week knits our hearts together.  There is time in a three-month-ish period to watch God working in our lives.  Good stuff.

6.  I love the clean-slate feeling of that first morning as I open up my brand-new workbook and prepare to dive in!  I just know God is going to teach me something new.  He does that, ya know. 

7.  Did I mention the SNACKS??

I  humbly suggest you go find yourself a group of girls to open the Word of God with STAT.  You will not be sorry... and you will likely make yourself some new friends that you might never have met otherwise.

Make it a happy Thursday!


Rachel M. said...

you know, I have this book and never realized it was a Beth Moore study. I'll have to check it out!

Lauren said...

I looove reading your blog. You are hilarious, smart, and completely entertaining. :) I wish I could be in the Tuesday morning study, but with Brooklyn's needs its just not possible right now. :( Maybe next time!

5ALLENZ said...

ok, thanks Sis. About the time (after years of intentionality) I get over my bitterness for NOT being able to go to a TUESDAY morning bible study- you have to rub in how joyous of a time I continue to not be part of. Sigh!

Renee said...

Hi Rachel! We haven't chatted in a while :) I'm thinking it will be good one. I've really enjoyed this first week.

Have a great weekend! :)

Renee said...

Lauren you are without a doubt my biggest cheerleader :) We cheerleaders have to stick together, don't we! I wish you could have joined us, but it sounds like "Captivating" is going pretty times sounds pretty good to me, though ;)

Renee said...

Oh Robin, oh Robin, oh Robin...I had no idea I was bringing up such a sore subject for you. I know not what to say to ease your suffering.

However, I would like to offer my apologies...and my appreciation for your use of "intentionality".

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