Monday, January 31, 2011

Never-Failing Mercy

"Because of the Lord’s great love for us, we are not consumed,
For his compassions never fail. They are new every morning;
Great is your faithfulness"

Every day I fail.  I try to get it all right.  Really I do.  But in spite of all my trying, I fail over and again, and again.  And on the days when I'm not trying so hard?  Well, I can't even bear to talk about those days. 

The above verses have been coming to mind a lot recently.  It seems like everywhere I turn there they are...reminding me...comforting me...and encouraging me to trust in His love, and compassion, and His faithfulness. 

Good grief.  He is right here with me, wanting to grow me, to strengthen me, to love me - - to use me.

I'm thinking if He is willing to give me fresh mercy - fresh compassion - every. single. day. of my failure-strewn life, then the very least I can do is grab His hand, dust off my knees, and forge ahead. again.

...and be unceasingly grateful for the privilege and opportunity to do so.

Some life gifts for which I am grateful this week...

sweet, uninterrupted time with Jesus

my new, easy-on-the-eyes Bible

katie's blog with consistent updates on the babies

my children's reports of answered prayers

fresh mercy (lamentations 3:22-23)

morning Bible study with new, and far-from-new, friends

the arrival of Ann's new book

owen's rollover

utter confidence that God is in control

the bittersweet missing of friends far away

the sweet comfort of friends nearby

strength for today

hope for tomorrow

For what are you thankful on this brand-new, shiny Monday?  I would love to hear how God has blessed your heart...

...and I hope your Monday is just full of happy!

(A Thousand Gifts #261-273)


Mrs. Stam said...

LOVE all those blessings, your post brought the Hymn "great is thy faithfulness" to mind, now I have it stuck in my head LOL I guess it's not a bad song to sing all day long!!!

Wandering On Purpose said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your prayers today. And what a great verse!

Renee said...

I LOVE that hymn, Mrs. S!

...and it has been playing over, and over, and OVER in my head since reading your comment :) Have a good evening!

Renee said...

You're welcome, Wandering :) I really enjoyed your blog. Have a great week!

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