Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want to live next door to Andy and have my own horse named Patches

Book clubs have been springing up in abundance in the wake of New Year's around these parts, i.e. on the worldwideweb, and as a self-described book lover I feel compelled to participate.  I'm working on another kind've serious and real-life-ish one right now that I will tell you about later, but today is all about the whimsy.

Now I'm not gonna lie.  When Melanie suggested Half Broke Horses I thought whaa?  Where was the glitz?  The glamour? The drama?  I was a little, how can I say this...lukewarm about reading a book that is described as Little House for grown-ups.  Now I love me some Laura Ingalls Wilder, but frankly I have yet to see an episode of Little House on the Prairie that does not make me cry.  And now I ask you, who wants to cry in January?  I'm already suffering from my self-diagnosed SAD and am barely hanging on until the sun comes back out.

That being said, Half Broke Horses = MUCH FUN!  I've literally laughed out loud (pardon the cliche) several times already.  That Lily is one spunky chick, even if she was born back in the olden days, and she really, really makes me want my own horse named Patches. 

Not that I would want to actually, you know, take care of it or anything...or work that hard...or live in a cave-y like home with muddy walls.  But she makes it all seem like this great adventure.

I'm thinking that's what's behind living an extraordinary life...acknowledging, yea EMBRACING the adventure in our ordinary.

Whoa, too heavy...back to the whimsy :)

(Whoa...horses...Haha - I'm out of control this morning!)

Oh how I love me some Andy Griffith, LOVE me some Andy.  Yesterday afternoon I happened upon the episode where their freezer was dying and Aunt Bea kept trying to take care of it without hiring the charlatan-who-charged-too-much to fix it.  Andy was getting more and more exasperated with her, and she was sweet-talking the longtime town butcher into storing all the mediocre beef she got on the cheap from the new guy.  Andy saying to her in various tones and moods throughout the episode to just CALL THE MAN makes me happy and nostalgic and just a touch weepy-eyed.

I can't explain why so I will not try.

Hey - that rhymed!

(sorry again)

The other day I caught an episode of Parks and Recreation on Netflix.  I don't know a lot about this one.  I've only seen a few episodes, and like most everything tv-ish it is probably offensive more than once at some point, but the episodes I have seen have initiated more than a couple of giggles.  That Leslie Knope is just so doggone earnest all the time.  I've gotta say I'm loving her dedication to the Great Town of Pawnee.  You have to appreciate someone that unflappable. and well-meaning. and downright kind.

I suspect she would have gotten along extremely well with Lily and Patches.

Happy Tuesday - I'm off to TMBS!


Building Walls said...

You made me laugh out loud MANY times. I'm soooo happy when I "hear" you write :) Love you so much. By the way if I see your face one day when you're at the school for Bible Study I won't cry. Just sayin. :)

Renee said...

I love you so much too more! I'll come see you sometime soon, I promise...but we need to get a plan. My grandchildrenfigures are going to forget what I look like :( sigh...

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