Friday, February 11, 2011

A little somethin' in the way of followup


I am chagrined and embarrassed, and dare I say, somewhat discouraged, to inform you that @pepsi is no longer following yours truly on twitter.  Evidently we broke up and nobody told me.  I know not where I went wrong.  Our twitter time was so brief I'm pretty sure it couldn't be my fault for Pete's sake. 

It's all fun and games on The Twitter until you get dumped by your favorite caffeinated beverage without so much as an explanation.

Just sayin'.

On a happier note, THE BABIES ARE HERE.  And Miss Audrey is simply brilliant in the world of potty training.  Seriously, she is a potty-training prodigy.  I may have mentioned this before, but that granddaughter of mine is special, I tell ya.  She is going to be really somethin' once she gets tall enough to run the world. 

I plan to stay on her good side.

You may or may not be relieved to know that the chocolate pie was every bit as yummy and delicious and basically TASTY as I predicted.  I ate two pieces yesterday so I should know.  There is at least a 96.2% chance that I will partake of two pieces again today.

I'm not even embarrassed or ashamed because it is just that good.

I have to work tonight, but I will spend a large portion of the today-part of the day enjoying my loud, messy, and mostly potty-trained family.  Tomorrow we're loading up the motor vehicle and taking off for the glorious world of The Outlets near Kate's home to do some window shopping and birthday celebrating together.  Word on the street is the temperature should be above freezing and sunshine-y.   

I'm thinking it's gonna be a smiley weekend all the way around for me and mine...

...seriously folks, with this child in my arms how could it not???

I hope your weekend is of the smiling variety as well :)

Happy Friday!

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