Saturday, February 26, 2011

Five minute Friday Saturday: Five years ago

Yesterday was a wee bit busy and it was no longer Friday before I knew it!  Lisa-Jo's five-minute Friday topic was five years ago, and I spent a lot of the day trying to remember what five years ago looked like!  Might as well have been 35 for all the easy access I had.  After all that memory-diving I wanted to go ahead and take my five-minute leap, even though it is no longer, you know, Friday. 

Do ya remember the plan?  Sit down & write for five minutes flat, and then stop, and if you're me, completely and totally ignore the myriad of OCD tendencies that boss me around all the other days of my life - and hit publish!


Five years ago I had one child in college and I was frantically trying to get my other child finished with high school.  We were homeschooling and it was fun.  I had a house continually full with my daughters and their friends and their dramas.  My days were filled with chaos and noise and music and joy. 

Five years ago I was living with an inordinate amount of stress.  Sometimes I found myself surprised I had made it through another day.  Five years ago I cried as much as I laughed, and I longed for relief. 

Five years ago God was BIG in my day.  I saw Him everywhere.  I held tightly to his hand and talked with Him constantly.  He was my Advisor, and my Dad, and my Husband, and my Best Friend.  I was afraid to take a step without following Him because I was so acutely aware of my smallness. 

Things are much quieter now.  The stress has settled considerably.  My beloved daughters are grown up and happy. 

I love today and find much joy in it. 

But sometimes I long with all that is in me for that sweet, chaotic, beautifully focused time of learning five years ago.


Now might I suggest you hop over to Gypsy Mama and give it a try yourself. 

(I think she'll forgive me for my Saturday-ness just this once ;)

Have a happy weekend!


thegypsymama said...

Oh I'm so glad you still linked up! Sure, I post the party on Fridays - but I leave it up all weekend. So, you're never too late to join in! And I love your retrospective. This sentence particularly: "Five years ago I cried as much as I laughed, and I longed for relief."

I think our five years ago had a lot of that too! And it's amazing how much we learned in that time, and how close the Lord walked with us like you describe above.

Just lovely -thank you!


Renee said...

Thanks, Lisa-Jo - so glad I could play :)

If I have learned anything over these last few years it's how sweet those times of suffering actually are. They are not particularly fun, but oh how productive, and rich, God wants to make them!

Michelle said...

Oh Renee, what a pleasure to meet you. I love your inspirational post. I have had many a day where I've cried just as much, if not more, than I laughed. It is comforting to know that in those times Jesus is right there with us, isn't it? Wiping away our tears and drawing us closer. Your family sounds lovely and I admire your fortitude to tackle being wife, mom and school teacher. On top of all the other hats we as women wear, all at once. I'm going to look forward to getting to know you and your family better, through your blog. My next move is to hop over the the Followers button and click to "follow." Thank you for the kind words you posted on my blog. You made this gal in need of God's grace daily, feel pretty ding dang dong good! Thank you.

Renee said...

You too Michelle. I just love making new friends - and I feel the exact same way on the getting-to-know-you-and-your-family thing :)

Thanks so much for following me...FUN! And I'm just gonna say it, you might just have made my day as well :) Take care!

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