Thursday, February 10, 2011

On Pepsi and Pie


It is now 1:04 in the a.m. on a Thursday. 

I finished work approximately 34 minutes ago and have decided I should take care of my bloggy business before I catch some shut-eye because the family, THEY ARE A'COMIN later in the morning.  or early in the afternoon.  or whenever they get the stuff and the two babies and then THE STUFF loaded up, and they hit the road, and they stop at the two Micky-D's along the way, and they drive for two hours as Kate alternates between hugging Audrey's feet (don't ask), and standing on her head to attend to the extremely low-maintenance, roll with the punches Owen.  HA!

or not.

Just in case you've forgotten how stinkin' cute my not-even-a-little-bit-low-maintenance grandson is, let's take a quick reminder-peek...

See?? Cute!!! 

I feel like a bit of levity is in order, but I'm not sure I can summon any cleverfulness at this hour without another infusion of caffeine, and that would be downright ridiculous.

Since hilarity and witty-ness and hijinks are out of the question and off the table for today, I think it would be a great idea to, ya know, empty my head of the clutter.  Perhaps then I will sleep the sleep of, well...a person with a less cluttered head??

So here's what's weighin' on my mind.  Thank you kindly for your pretend patience and fake support.  It really does mean the world to delusional me.

1.  I'm really really hoping that Audrey brings her big girl pants.  Her mama is so proud of her potty-using skills & I think it will be great fun to watch all that baby girl pride a'goin on. 

I'd rather avoid the whole accidents thing though.  

I'll keep you posted.

2.  If you follow me on twitter, or glance about an inch to the right of where we are right now, then you know that I received an email today informing me that PEPSI is following me on the twitter.  It's downright absurd the level of DELIGHT I experienced with the aforementioned email.  I have no idea how PEPSI HIM/HER/ITSELF learned of my existence, I can only speculate that they follow anyone who mentions their product approximately 2000 times on The Twitter. 

3.  I'm finding that I really can't concentrate on anything other than all that chocolate pie that is cooling in my fridge at this very same moment in time.  I always cheat and take a little tiny piece or four while it's still warm just to make sure it's edible, but it feels wrong to eat Katie's birthday pie before she arrives in the Great State of Virginia, so I'm trying to distract myself. 

This is harder than it might seem because ya know, CHOCOLATE PIE!

That's it.  That's all the clutter I care to share with the worldwideweb at 1:28 a.m. in morning, so I have to go now and sleep real fast before I remember that I forgot to tell you about the SNOW that started a couple of hours ago...

Your friend, and Pepsi's,

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