Monday, January 24, 2011

Still counting

God loves me.  He loves me!   It's Monday, and I am thankful.

Another week has passed, seven more days of paying attention, of being aware, of acknowledging what He is doing all around me and for me...another week of counting...

Thank you, Jesus for 

my freezer stuffed with goodies

new-tire peace


yankee candles flickering in the dark


sunny sundays

tgifriday's vanilla bean cheesecake...and the funds enabling the indulgance

son-encouragements to come again

luke 9:23


book clubs

you are my sunshine


my camera and the ease of capturing as many visual memories as I have time and inclination

dishwater bubbles and oh-so-yummy scent that comes with


stephanie...and cracker barrel

an empty schedule and the accompanying unhurriedness...

the birds outside my window

the happy flutter of looking forward to...something

meeting someone new

reconnecting with someone from before

the crinkle sound I hear when I open my Bible (one of my favorite sounds...ever)

the precious, limitless potential of her future...

Happy Monday!

(A Thousand Gifts #237-260)


Mrs. Stam said...

What a beautiful list, and draino made me laugh A BIT !!!

Renee said...

Thanks Renee - and WELCOME :)

and hey, it's all fun and games until the sink is blocked up. No yummy-smelling dishwater is then to be found, hehe.

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