Thursday, September 27, 2012

carolina sunday

I can't remember if I told you or not, but last Sunday Kari, Peyton, and I made a quick trip to see Kate and the fam.  

It was a super-quick, one-day trip but still helped fill my baby-hug tank, so that was good.

Be still, my heart...

I took approximately seven pictures and approximately three of them are even edit-able.  sigh.  In the interest of posterity I share them below.

The patient waiter

Audrey was so excited to jump!  Apparently she did so last year about this time and she remembered exactly what to do.  She was so patient and cooperative as they got her hooked.

She also took a whirl on the carousel mainly because Naynay doesn't see her every day and therefore feels no obligation to deny the child good healthy fun.  

However, this doesn't mean I'm going with her around and around in circles because it's all fun and games until Naynay starts upchucking in the middle of the food court.  

For this reason Wiwi was drafted to join in on the circle-riding fun.

One of the purposes of our trip was so she could "get earrings."  Her Wiwi had promised to "get her earrings" for her birthday and she was beside herself from the waiting.

Before the ouch!

We might or might not have fully prepared her for the OUCH that accompanies getting said earrings.  She was SO MAD!  It was both adorable and a wee bit heartbreaking, bless her sweet little (I'm not little; I'm BIGGER!) heart.

Fortunately she forgave us after her Elmo cookie. 

It might appear that it was sort of an All-About-Audrey day, but that's only because it was kind've an All-About-Audrey day.  Sometimes things just happen that way...

Owen was busy napping for a large portion of our visit (boo!!) but we got some hugs and snuggles and adorableness in before we had to hit the road.  This picture is pretty much not that great, but it's the only one I got Sunday and oh how I love him ;)

Whose boy are you Owen?  Naynay's boy!

Y'all have a great night :)

p.s.  Tomorrow's FRIDAY!  Yaay!

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