Monday, September 3, 2012

it's the (not so) little things that fill me up...

It's my birthday and I keep counting my countless blessings...

(A Thousand Gifts #1200-1214)

Owen flying down the hallway and leaping up into my arms, his happy grin filling his face

Audrey curling up beside me, patting my knee and reminding me, "you're my best girl, Naynay."

Back-to-back viewings of Stewart Littles with my best girl, while the boys snooze in their beds

...while the boys snooze.  in their beds.

Peyton holding onto my hand, or staring into my eyes, or smiling around his paci, or fingering my hair, or in any way just being Peyton

Kari asking her oldish mama to text her when she is safely home

Katie thinking of the birthday doughnuts

The girls walking through the door with - yep - the Pepsi to carry me through my assignment

The most delightful sons-in-law since ever

Movies and snacks and dinner and movies with my friend

Facebook love from the other side of the world 

The boys playing busily with their fuzzy robes tied tight atop their clothes, and Isaiah's casual "Oh hey, Aunt Nay's" and Elijah flashing me an "I love you" in sign language 

Shayne smiling and nodding when I attempt conversation

And, with a happy-birthday-to-me kind of delight - - -

Eight hours of sleep in a row 

Eight hours of sleep...In A Row!

Happy Monday!

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