Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on love. or not.

I Love watching Babygirl (I'm NOT a baby; I'm bigger!) go straight to my purse to double-check, and delightedly confirm, that Naynay did get more gum.

Not loving the long, darkish shadows creeping over the walls at 4:36 in the p-m.

I Love Peyton's sweet, unflappable smile as he bounces on his mama's hip straight through some form of chaos.

Not loving that sweet child hollering his head off for the last 45 minutes of our adventure.

Poor sweet boy...

I Love job security.

Not loving logging in at the end of an absurdly long...and odd...and exhausting day.

I Love looking back to see what I was up to last September...and the September before that...complete with fun pictures and the occasional comment left by a friend.

Not loving sticking to it when I'd rather take a nap.

I Love touching base with y'all most every day :)

Let's make it a great Tuesday!

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