Friday, September 7, 2012

so here's what happened

I got up this morning and walked smack dab into a tiff with the second grader.  

(This almost never happens except when it does.)

(It does kind've all the time.)

Anyhoo, after he finished writing his sentences about how God wants him to obey and Aunt Nay is brilliant and wonderful and worthy of all things obedient he scampered off (no seriously, he scampered) to take a bubble bath.

I know, right?

Whatever floats his boat.

I ran the swiffer around and unloaded the dishwasher and ate a Quaker Oats Wild Berry Cereal Bar, and my secondborn called because she was concerned I might be in the depths of despair.  I'm not actually in the depths of despair but there is in fact a lot going on with the people I'm fond of, including myself, so it wasn't entirely unreasonable for her to give a rip.

She announced her intention to visit and dispense a bit of grandson therapy so I ran as fast as I could to brush my teeth and change out of my reindeer jammies that used to belong to my sons-in-law.

And I called my dear, dear friend Tana and sang Happy Birthday into her voicemail.  And then I apologized to her voice mail for singing into her voicemail.

She loves me even though I'm weird.

They arrived and there was much smooching.  Elijah scarfed down some leftover spaghetti because I try hard and then we discovered the stinkin' Wii doesn't work.  

It worked fine when we went to bed last night.  Murphy's Law is all I'm sayin.'  

He commenced to be aggravated and I fed Peyton some corn.

He smeared said corn all over my arms and hands. 

It was a special time.

We hung out on the porch for a while and talked about all the life things swirling around our heads and felt a lot better.

Peyton giggled long and loud as the puppy kissed his fingers.

Elijah got mad twice because I wanted to hold my own grandson and made him share.

When the sitter arrived I loaded up my work paraphernalia and headed to the Panera for some tomato soup and half a ham sandwich with everything on it.

The ham-sandwich-with-everything was served dry.


And I couldn't go back for mustard or what-have-you because of said work paraphernalia spread out all across the outdoor table, which I carefully chose near the outside electrical outlet.

So I ate my ham-sandwich-with-everything dry.  (#firstworldproblem)

I notice my battery is creeping toward low, so I pull out my power cord to get charged up minutes before going to work and find, well, that I don't have it with me.  I packed up everything but the kitchen sink but neglected to include my power cord.  

So now I'm gulping the remainder of my soup and zipping back home - where I started - instead of enjoying the balmy breezes here at the Panera - to work.


Just another day full of the divine and the absurd...

That's life!

Y'all have a happy Friday :)

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robin said...

Sounds like an allen=er kind of day. Sorry for the what happened..and love ya.

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