Thursday, September 20, 2012

thoughts. on a thursday.

1.  I've been muddling through the last few days in the aftermath of a minor plague and I've come to the conclusion that with each passing year the minors become ever-more major.  For example, the major misery had passed by Monday or so, but the lingering effects, well, are lingering, and I've lost the will - yet again - to dig out the eyeliner.

The unfortunate angle to this is I now have witnesses all up in my business to take note of my eye nakedness.  My nephew might have told me on Monday that I did in fact look "a little tired."  or maybe it was "a little rough."  I can't rightly say.

The bedhead likely didn't help.

2.  All it takes is one minor plague to undo weeks of holding the line with a second-grader.  Four schmore.  Watch all the Disney ya want kid, just let me doze.

3.  Children are far better behaved on teacher sick days.  Turns out an utter lack of expectation and complete state of couch potato inspires a child to not make you crazy.

4.  I've been taking my One-A-Day For Women vitamins for nearly three weeks and I haven't noticed one iota of extra vim or vigor.  Or energy for that matter.  Take from this information what you will.

5.  The new season of Revenge begins this week and I for one am pleased.  I have this underlying feeling that I should maybe be ashamed of my fondness for a show with such a title, but I'm just not.  I can't wait to what happens next after that delight of a finale.  One can only hope that Victoria somehow made it off that plane.  

I'm so glad we had this talk. 

Y'all take care now,

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