Monday, September 10, 2012

so how was your weekend?

Well it's been a pretty nice couple of days here at AB!Inc.  

(I like saying AB!Inc. in my head but for the life of me I can't figure out how to put it into print and make it sound like it sounds in my head.)

(Inside my head is a squirrelly place.)

(Moving on.)

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  It's been pretty nice.  Saturday I visited and socialized and quite possibly giggled at time or two.  Or at least snickered once or twice.  I'm sure there was some snickering.

I slept another blissful nearly-eight-hours and then zipped down the street to share breakfast with R and the boys at our neighborhood diner.  No seriously, we have a neighborhood diner.  It's a traditional short-order diner where everything is fried but I like the atmosphere.  And the french fries.  And the soda.  And the close proximity to our front door.  It's old school and rumor has it the owner is behind the counter and occasionally he gets a little cranky like Mel.  (Anyone remember Mel and his diner on Alice?)  (I am SO OLD.) 

Oh for Heaven's sake where was I again??

Oh yeah, breakfast with the family.  

After breakfast I came home to put on eyeliner and then met a dear friend for my favorite chicken salad in the world and I'm not kidding.  I might say things are my favorite a lot but I mean it this time.  It's some crazy good chicken salad and it's my favorite.  

In the whole world.

Oh!  I forgot to tell you my cell phone died for some inexplicable reason that even Verizon can't explain.  I'm a month from free-phone time, so Kate is currently digging her old one out of the toy box for me to use in the interim.  In the meantime, if you've been trying to reach me you can't.  Because NO PHONE. 

Wow.  At the rate I'm going Hang on Sally because we may be here all day.

After my chicken salad/Verizon store time with Steph I went by Donna's house to catch up with  her for a few hours.  We hunkered down for some diligent TV-catching-up via Netflix, had popcorn for dinner, and talked too much.

Then I fell into bed and slept the sleep of someone who's sleepy.

Sunday was great but I sense I should wrap this up, so suffice it to say I went to church! and chatted with my sister on the front porch! and worked a little OT!  and took a power nap!  and had some Chipotle!

All in all, it was a really, really nice weekend for me, and I'm feeling maybe just a little bit ready to wade into another week of the usual.

I hope you're feeling recharged as well!

Happy Monday :)

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