Tuesday, September 11, 2012

frank who?

Yesterday was as beautiful as a September day can be, so Elijah and I suited up and headed out the door.

And by suited up I mean I found my comfortable walking-around sandals and he grabbed a juice box on our way out the door.  

Peyton is running low on Naynay's food, so I was hoping to find some goodies at the Farmer's Market downtown and we wanted to get an early-ish start.  Unfortunately we're creeping toward late in the season so the options for the baby were limited, but we found a few goodies that made it worth the trip. 

Which is a silly thing to say because frankly the trip itself was worth the trip.  It was crystal clear with a cool breeze and  the second grader was in good humor.  (Score!)  We wandered in and out of a few fun shops with his hands jammed in his pockets in order to prevent calamity involving broken glass.  All of the shop owners went on and on about all the adorable he was being and I could see him soaking it up.  I fear for our future tomorrow...Little Man is probably convinced he's all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips now, and I will have the unpleasant task of knocking him down a peg or two post haste.

Anyway, after a bit of wandering we dropped in on Teal at On the Rise and had some always-wonderful pizza.  Elijah looked at his piece with the tomatoes sliced on top and announced it looked...different. 

Then he took a bite and was in all kinds of love.  After a few bites he told me - and I quote - "This is kinda almost better than Frank's!"  

(You might recall that we heart Frank's with abandon, Elijah and I, so this was high praise.)  

A few minutes later he reflected a bit more and decided he liked this pizza first and Frank's second...and then as we were clearing off the table he proclaimed he didn't want "anymore pizza at home," ha!  

Apparently I have now ruined him for Domino's and what-have-you, now that he's enjoyed the good stuff.  

Unfortunately, after finishing up at the Market the fun factor plummeted.  

It wasn't E's fault, mind you.  

He was long-suffering and patient and well-behaved through the whole ordeal, but shifting from the glorious that is wandering around outside/downtown to schlepping through Walmart to buy Loreal Preference and razor blades and Listerine is inevitably a letdown I don't care who ya are.

So I bought him candy and walked really fast.

I must say, though, 
so far I'm finding the impending fall season - as usual - vastly to my liking :)

Happy Tuesday!

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