Thursday, September 13, 2012

today it's just a list.

This right here is the view from our back door no lie.

I'm already beginning to mourn the coming winter.  I suspect all of that green is going to fall right off. 

It's gonna hurt.  It's gonna hurt bad.

2.  I got to kiss Peyton's sweet cheeks for a while yesterday and that made all of the standing-all-day-while-I-chopped-and-roasted-and-pureed worth it.  

He's good people, my grandson.

He's also fabulous.  He's still all smiley and yummy and tolerant of my endless need to smooch on his sweaty little neck over and over again.

3.  I finally got my pumpkin muffins made for the fam.  They were appropriately impressed.  If Shayne was attempting subtlety he failed when he informed me that whipping up a batch for him and him alone would be a lovely gift, something akin to his bringing me a Fountain Pepsi On Ice the other day.  

If the kid plays his cards right...

Alas, the road to muffin-y goodness was not a smooth one.  I had them all mixed up and Kari had filled a couple of pans before I decided to stick my pointing finger in the batter, just because I can, and I knew instantly I had made a dire mistake.

No sugar.


We smushed all the batter out of the paper cupcake holders and back into the bowl, and then I added 1-2/3 cups of sugar.

Which shockingly improved the taste approximately a bunch.

It all worked out in the end and I proceeded to eat two of them in about 36 seconds, give or take a few.    They tasted no worse for wear and I'm glad because Robin was counting on the muffin and that's a fact.

4.  This right here is the view from our porch and I'm not even kidding.

Do ya think maybe some of that yummy might stick around forever if I ask real nice?

5.  I'm still enjoying the cable TV and DVR that I now have at my spendthrifting disposal.  

I could get used to the high life if the high life includes cable television with a DVR that records such classics as My Three Sons, and That Girl - and I'm not even making this up -  Petticoat Junction.

Why yes, I am watching Sam Drucker declare himself to Kate right this minute at 1:37 a.m. just because I can, and I CAN'T WAIT until Steve and Barbara tie the knot tomorrow.  

My eclectic and varied viewing choices are a sight to behold.

I have also enjoyed a Flipping Out marathon, far too many variations of CSI Anywheres, the aforementioned classics, and yes, around about 200 episodes of Million Dollar Listings.  

I'm fancy these days, and a bit confused.  For the life of me I can't reconcile the me who has put a $19-wireless computer mouse back on the shelf half a dozen times because it feels too expensive with the me who is delighted and fascinated to watch overindulgent people barter over multimillion dollar homes.  And I might even have kitchen island envy approximately once a day.

I'm fancy and I'm a work in progress.  I dare to you figure me out.

6.  I wish so badly I could think of one bonafide clever, or interesting, or thoughtful thing to share but did I mention 1:37 in the a.m.? 

 7.  This is my view from the porch if I gaze toward the sky just the little-est bit.

I have me some high, high expectations for some autumnal glory.  

October, you'd best not disappoint.

8.  Oh my goodness I almost forgot - I was gifted with a magnet from Mayberry today!  MAYBERRY!

Y'all have a great day - I'm gonna grab 40 winks before the second-grader wakes me up.  The second-grader has zero sympathy for my advanced age and also zero empathy.

Zero.  It's all I'm saying.

Happy Thursday :)

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