Wednesday, November 2, 2011

31 Days: I Love Even the Sound of His Name

There has been a wide array of things for which I've declared my love over the last 31 33 days.

Some of them have been absurdly trivial, and a few of them infinitely precious, and the majority probably would land somewhere in between.

And while all of my postings this month have been sincere, albeit often leaning toward the silly or superficial, there is nothing superficial about The One who loves me best, The One to whom I owe my very life.

* * *

Jesus has never once been too busy to visit with me or take my calls.  

He has never grown weary of my over and over again pattern of falling on my face because of foolish choices.  

He never rolls his eyes at me, or becomes inpatient with my weakness or angry at my frustration.

He just loves me.

He listens to me every single time I call on Him.  He protects me, and He provides me with all I need...and then He gives me things for which I wouldn't even have thought to ask.

When my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces and I feel all alone inside my own skin He's there.  He picks me up off the floor & places me in His lap, and He hugs me tight for as long as I need, and then He helps me to my feet and gives exactly all of the strength I need to do what I need to do.

And He holds my hand the whole time I'm doing it.

I'm not nearly as loving to Him.


There are times when I've gone days and days without even speaking to Him.  Not because I was mad.  Just...disinterested.  distracted.  


But no matter how I behave He always behaves the same.  

He's the epitome of Consistency and Faithfulness and Integrity and Righteousness.

(and a million other things!)

Through the years our relationship has deepened and grown ever sweeter, and I have a trust and a confidence in Him that comes from all the living.  

I talk a lot around here about the people I love - and there are a lot of you.  

I have family who share my blood and have my heart, and know (most) all my dark places.  

I have friendships that are decades-old and strong and beautiful and priceless.

But nothing.  No one.  Could ever come close to filling my heart and my life like Jesus does every minute that I breathe.

With Him I have everything, and I love Him with all that is in me.

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