Tuesday, November 29, 2011

But Hey, A Girl's Gotta Putter



Here we are.  

I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

You'd think I'd learn by now but OH NO,
I have to keep tinkering and puttering until it seems my head will fly straight off.

It can't be helped though.  

Evidently I'm a tinkerer and also a putterer
and might possibly have no choice but to follow my great ideas wherever they might lead us.

(You're welcome.)

Never fear, though.  I saved my last bloggy template, and I suspect she will be back 
when the birds start singing and I pack away all things snowman.

If not before.

Happy Tuesday!

p.s.  The picture above has nothing to do with my tinkering and/or puttering, 
but the sweet girl in white on the left is THE BRIDE of whom I had no pictures.  
Isn't she pretty??

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