Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because Chicken is Good and Cheese is Our Friend

Please don't tell my people because (as I believe I may have mentioned once or thirty times) we have some BIG DOINS going on and I don't wanna freak them out, but I have been struck by what is commonly referred to as The Crud around these parts.  I sat down to work feeling perfectly normal and four hours later I'm making hot tea and searching for my Alka-Seltzer Cold.  

(Side note:  Alka-Seltzer Cold may taste awful but it produces some sweet sweet relief, albeit on a temporary basis.)

Anyway, I have company coming and a lot of celebrating to do, so I'm going to get to bed in oh I don't know, approximately five minutes ago.  For this reason it seems like a good day to leave you with a yummy suggestion.

Y'all I made this the other day and felt downright brilliant because YES MA'AM I made it up all by myself.  

(You just watch.  It's likely in at least 12 different cookbooks and 27 blogs of people who thought of it first.)

Whatever.  Here's what you do.

Take some chicken and throw it into a baking dish.

I do not have a photo because seriously, who has photos of raw chicken lying around.  Unless you're PW, of course.

(I ain't PW.)

Back to the chicken in the baking dish...

Pour this on top of said chicken.

Then dump this right on top.

Cover tightly and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.  

It's delightful over brown rice.

I had seconds.

And then I finished it off for breakfast.

The end.

Happy Thursday!

p.s.  I'm still not sure about which shoes I'll wear to the wedding.  Yikes!

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