Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting It All Done and Finally Feeling Him Move

Well I don't know about y'all, but around here it's been a pretty full last few days.

...and mostly mine have been full of the job and the babies and the family, with a fair amount of hugs & diaper changes and backed-up plumbing and catching up on laundry and cyber shopping, and yes, hours of trying to find Christmas tree lights that do not cost more than the tree they adorn.

That's right, folks. 

I am officially that lady who stands in the Christmas-decorating-section bemoaning the rising cost of all manner of holiday lighting.  out loud.  to the other lady standing there staring at same said lights.

However, my rapid decline into crotchety-old-person-status aside, I still love Thanksgiving the best. Trust me 'cause it's true...Spending the week being aggressively thankful never, ever disappoints! 

(A Thousand Gifts #850-869)

getting it all done and unscheduled naps

crispy grilled cheese dripping with tomato soup

picking them up over and over, and then over again

yummy dinner I didn't prepare, and completely harmless, even silly, christmas movies with their dependable happy endings

finally feeling him move...and then move some more

sweet ponies with cowboy hats and our little cowgirl fishing with the shoestring

long-awaited leftovers and chatting around the table

formulating a plan

catching up

baby boy haircuts and little girl pigtails

thanksgiving I-love-you's

all the serious shushing from the footie pajamas

fresh excitement for old traditions, and all-about-Jesus-music, and remembering what He's done

Have a great day!


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