Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perhaps a Little Perspective is in Order

So I ran to the laundromat yesterday to wash up a little something that I needed ASAP.  As I loaded up my one tiny little load (because I was just there days ago, mind you), I'm not gonna lie.  I felt all suffer-y and, embarrassingly enough, a touch martyr-y, and also a bit put out.  After all, that would be approximately 40 minutes and around two dollars and seventy-five cents I would never get back and also LIFE IS SO HARD.

As it turns out it was a beautiful day in that the sun was shining and it was a delightful 62 degrees, and also the ladies inside that boiling hot warm & sunny space were all just as nice as could be.

Well imagine my shame and chagrin as I started catching up on my bloggy reading.  Several of my daily favorites are in Ecuador together for Compassion International, and I found myself looking into some of the sweetest faces I've ever seen while processing the fact that they live their every day with basically nothing.  

And by nothing, I mean nothing.

Kinda makes taking the trek two stoplights away to kill a few minutes while enjoying my laptop seem a little less...suffer-y.

Today I'm praying that God will shake me up from my feelings of entitlement and also my cranky ways.  I'm awfully thankful that He's so patient with me as I  kinda/sorta try to get over myself.

Personally I'd probably just try to smack some sense into me.

Let's all go love on someone today, ya wanna?

p.s.  You can keep up with Amanda, Kelly, Sophie, Melanie, & Ann and all their adventures by visiting their blogs or by clicking on the Compassion button on the left.  You'll'll'll, well you get the idea ;)

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