Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm Days Following Cold Nights

So the weekend started off pretty promising.  I slept until after eleven Saturday morning, which gave me about about 8-1/2 hours of sleep...and really helped in the I-always-feel-tired syndrome I've had going on.  I actually got 8 hours in twice this week.  This is a trend I could get behind!

After I wandered downstairs in my cozy bathrobe at the crack of noonish, I puttered around the house for a bit & then ran out to Joann's Fabric to pick up some, well, fabric.  After completing that errand I dropped by a friend's house for a couple of hours, where we proceeded to do an embarrassing amount of talking realfast so as to get it all in.

And then I went to bed at approximately 9:30 in the p-m. 

Y'all I'm so lame I find it hard to even believe it myself. 

In spite of my early bedtime, sleep did not go well.  I kept waking up thinking random thoughts like OH MY BACK, ITSA HURTIN,' and by the time I meandered downstairs in my cozy bathrobe at the crack of eight-ish I knew I was in a bit of back-related trouble.  Therefore I missed(!) the missions conference at SBC this morning and spent the better part of the day on the heating pad and swallowing ibuprofen like the could-be-damaging-to-your-liver candy that it is. 

Betwixt all the lying around I did manage to get my work in and I have great hope that tomorrow I will be walking upright. 

I definitely need to get myself together because I have BIG DOIN'S later this week which will carry me right through the next couple of weeks full of BIG DOIN'S.  I'll share more on that later.

(What I likely won't be sharing is my theory on what set off my latest back-related malady.  I fear it is a bit senior citizen-ish and I have a shred of pride left.) 

For now I'm just going to count a bit :)

(A Thousand Gifts #781-801)

pumpkin in the smoothie, and zucchini in the bread, and caffeine in the cup

catching up on the couch, and chatting it up with the sweet girls behind the counter, and hearing my hair looks great, ha!

the new machine, and the new projects, and the new enthusiasm to create

hearing they all had a fun weekend

kirk franklin's A God Like You

warm days following cold nights

the heating pad, and the anti-inflammatories, and the experience that says it'll be better

watching her tummy grow, and seeing him again on the sonogram...and drew's excitement about the whole matter

Isaiah 53, and Job 42, and Esther's fierce example

the newness of a start, new hope

Happy Monday!

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