Monday, November 21, 2011

Warm Hugs From Pretty Brides

So it was a wonderful weekend full of hugs & laughs & maybe a couple of tears...and then a few more hugs & laughs.

...all in all a beautiful weekend packed with most of my favorite people, and little ones being precious, and also these yummy little pretzel chip-thingies that are my new obsession.

I'll share a bit more tomorrow, being sure to include far too many subpar photos that make my heart smile, but for today I'm off to indulge in another cup of tea :)

Hope you're having a great day!

(A Thousand Gifts #825- 841)

warm hugs from pretty brides

his promise to love her forever

meeting new friends

tiny little cakes

glowing lights inside mason jars

the inexplicable reprieve for the day 

watching the babies dance

reconnection and up-to-date numbers

one fish, two fish... and learning her "sight words"

warm november days & cold november nights

exhausted giggles and the sheer delight of not being the driver

being escorted to my seat by a uniformed him

the oddly familiar flurry of my people taking it all down

standing quietly and letting all the joy wash over

Happy Monday!

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