Friday, November 11, 2011

They Say* Productivity Begins Where Procrastination Ends

So I'm trying to avoid this whole blogging-after-work thing in favor of the whole getting-some-sleep thing.

Yet here I am blogging after work and not getting some sleep.

Life is funny some times.  

I worked this evening and actually got a little done, but aside from my actual job I accomplished a sum total of NOTHING the whole livelong day.  

I don't know what the deal was, but it was an odd, stand around and say to myself "why did I come in here again?" kind of day.

Don't judge.

I think we've already established my condition of not being 25.  No sense in belaboring the point.

Fortunately, yesterday's exercise in lollygagging is pretty much over, what with it now being the wee hours of this morning, so I'm feeling optimistic about GETTING IT ALL DONE after I sleep for a handful of hours.  

Which is a good thing because come Saturday it is all about the having a good time and I don't plan to miss a bit of it.  Kari has two baby showers this weekend, both of which I will be attending because I'M THE MOM and also THE GRANDMOM.  

This of course means that the weekend will be mostly all about me in my own mind.  

Oh I kid.  But it is going to be so. much. fun.  

Kate will be coming in with Audrey for the festivities, and my dear Tana is coming all the way from Houston just to help throw my girl a baby shower.  

(Of course the fact that her very own sweet Bethany is marrying Nick on the 19th has nothing whatsoever to do with her travel arrangements ;)

Also, I'm ashamed to confess to you how much dust has accumulated around here, and you can't make me talk about my neglected Dirt Devil languishing in the closet.

But no more.  I'm feeling good, y'all.   Today's the day.  I just know it.  

This is the day I finally get all the things I need to do, done.

Fingers crossed!

* I do not know who says this, nor do I know who "they" are.  I basically just made that up because I was trying overly hard to be clever in my titling.  I know, I know.  Success was not attained in this particular endeavor, but who cares...Y'all IT'S FRIDAY!

Have a great weekend :)

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