Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And I Had Chick-Fil-A Twice!


So I'm thinking Monday was quite a bit of really nice :)

Of course first I had to finish up another night of strange dreams involving random dinner guests and unbalanced food preparation timeliness.  Thanksgiving dinner has not been pretty in my dreams, folks. 

(Does anybody else think that it's weird to dream about random dinner guests and poor planning?) 

(Again I ask regarding dreamy subject matter...WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?)

...But after that, Monday was quite a bit of really nice.

Miss Audrey called me and chattered on a for a while about lots of things I couldn't quite follow via speaker phone, but that was okay.  I enjoyed her company as I put on some eye liner, and brushed my teeth, and made my bed, etc. etc.  After catching up with Kate I headed to the mall to get busy tackling some of Tana's DETAILS for her girl's Big Day this weekend. 

(Fortunately, we moms mercifully forget just how many of THE DETAILS there are when putting together a matrimonial Big Day.) 

She and D insisted I try on approximately 8 or 37 - I can't really remember - dresses for me to wear to said impending nuptials.  They were so sweet and encouraging and all that good stuff, but when all is said and done I suspect they were mostly afraid to see the Old Navy skirt I kept threatening to wear ;) 

Whatever their fears, I care not because I have a brand new LBD and it's cute and fancy and also girly.

So it's all good.

Of course now I have to figure out shoes, and jewelry, and a wrap, and a bag...


After they had me outfitted for the aforementioned festivities we really got serious about the list and managed to knock out at least a couple of inches of it.  I'm not gonna lie.  It's a relief to merely be one of the MOB's support team and not the actual MOB.  It is a tough job, this giving away your daughter while running around like a crazy person purchasing things like markers and Cheez-Its.

A few hours, a quick salad, and one Happy Hour Sonic Strawberry Limeade later it was time for us to part ways.  ((sad))  I then wandered around for another hour or so trying on shoes that I hoped wouldn't render me uncomfortable, and eventually landed right back at my own front door.

(sans shoes, but of course).

All of that activity was followed by a few hours of, you guessed it, my job.

Oh!  and also Sheri brought me more CFA for dinner and it made me so happy I shared shower cake with her.  Which in turn made her quite happy.

Oh!  and also it was like, I don't know, somewhere in the 70s and sunny and completely beautiful.  Which made everyone around me happy.

See?  I told ya.  Quite a bit of really nice.

Happy Tuesday!

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