Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Aid in Your Pumpkin Eating and Girlfriend Appreciating


It's downright shameful how I chafe at boundaries.


It is for this reason I'm sure that I feel such an abundant sense of freedom today.  Suddenly I have all manner of rabbit trails and irrelevant details that could fill our time for the foreseeable future.

Go figure.

Anyway, my little October experiment is behind us and it's time to get back to normal around here.  And by normal I mean I throw some words on the page when I'm inclined to do so and you pretend I'm fascinating.  

Just the way I like it ;)

Today I wanted to share some linky goodness with ya before trudging way over to my sofa to work.

You're welcome.

First things first.  This!  Y'all it was so yummy I want to have another one.  Like, right now.  If you like pumpkin pie at all I think you'll be pleased.  This is one of those recipes that sounded so good to me I was really afraid it wouldn't live up to my expectations, BUT IT DID.  This little delight was utterly creamy and wonderful and pseudo healthy.  All my favorite things.

Shannan's post on Sunday was one of my favorites in a long line of favorites.  As I was reading I kept thinking of so many of you who are involved in various aspects of ministry and family and whathaveyou and have been feeling discouraged.  Her thoughts on Letting Go of Results was such an encouragement to me.  I suspect you may agree.

Finally, Lisa Jo's post on girlfriends made me so happy and thankful while leaving me with a overpowering desire to hug on my people.  

High praise in my opinion :)

Happy Thursday!

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