Monday, April 23, 2012

babies who sleep and always Jesus

Because I'm so fond of you all and because he is just too delicious to keep all to myself, I offer you a few pictures of my Owen.  

This boy is a mess.  He's a handful.  

He's a human wrecking ball wrapped in very messy form. 

He's crazy busy and aggressive and loud.

He's a lover of snuggling and books and messy kisses.

He's a delight.  He's a joy.  

He's a heart-stealer and he's not even sorry.

He's my grandson and my buddy and my sweetheart, 

and I do believe we should keep him for, like, ever :)

(A Thousand Gifts 1140-1150)

road trip safety

first-thing-in-the-morning orange juice

babies who sleep all night

happy news from my very happy nephew

blueberries on top of the oatmeal

reading, to his delight, the same words over...and again

public safety personnel

early morning happy 

road trip worship

the riot of green following the rainy gray

still, always, Jesus

Have a great day!

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