Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday six - week two

Well I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far :) 

Mine has turned out to be unexpectedly hectic.

Which is bound to sound ridiculous and also redundant to y'all since approximately every couple of days I'm saying life has been unexpected in some way.  Unexpected is pretty much my baseline these days.  

I still laugh and laugh and laugh when I think way back to a handful of years ago when I was concerned about my looming empty nest. 

That nest, it's never empty.

I don't know what I was thinking.  I should've known God would have my back!

So enough of the rambling.  I have no time for the ramble at this juncture so I'll just proceed with this week's rendering of six.  On a Sunday.

1.  This.

 ...and in the interest of fairness, this.

Oh my!!

2.  True Fact:  If you can watch a baby boy gather his blanket and paci and then attempt to pry open the front door, all the while pronouncing that "Mama" is on his mind without feeling sad and a touch panicked, you have a heart of stone.

Stone, is what I'm saying.

3.  Mason jars.  I suggest you get some.  I've grown increasingly dependent on them and now use them for practically everything.  Things stay fresh forever and no, I'm not kidding.  

Seriously y'all, I bought a package of Oreos weeks and weeks ago for E and what we haven't eaten are still yummy and crunchy and yummy.

Mason jars.  You heard it here first.  or not.  but still...

4.  Observation:  You know there might be a mess when you're greeted by the small child as you descend the stairs with "What??"

In  a mildly related note.  I owe E some glue sticks and pencils and what-not.   

Don't tell him.

Sometimes he's a bit touchy about having his things ruined behind his back.

5.  My Kari wrote this and my Mary wrote this and they both made me so proud and inspired.  I love how all my girls love Jesus so much!   

6.  I found this on my bedroom wall this morning.

It might look harmless here, but it was two sizes of huge on my wall, I'd say three or four feet in diameter at the very least. Maybe more.

To say this was unsettling and upsetting and a bit yucky would be an understatement.  

Because this was very unsettling, very upsetting and a WHOLE LOT yucky.

Well that's it  - I've gotta go!  I'm off to do tiring things and quite possibly eat a blueberry muffin. 

Have a lovely Lord's Day :)

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Drew & Kari said...

I had one of those silver fish bugs fall on my chin yesterday morning... Talk about ick!!!

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