Saturday, April 28, 2012

favorite reads: "please don't miss it"

The more my online horizons, so to speak, expand, the more astounded I am at the variety of ways God uses us right where we are.  I can't even believe how many gifted writers there are floating around in cyberspace, and personally it just might be my favorite thing about the Internet. 

I do love me some words. 

And some kindness. 

And some funny.

And some people who love Jesus.


Last night during the (in)RL conference they shared a beautiful video full of conversation about how Sarah Frankel touched so many lives while being confined to her own four walls. It reminded me of one of my favorite blog posts ever.  She died back in September and wrote these sweet words of encouragement on her last birthday before joining Jesus. 

When I think of all the bloggy offerings I've read over the last couple of years this one always comes to mind.  I think it's the perfect choice to share with y'all for my first "favorite read."

You can click right here to read her post entitled Please Don't Miss It, written on May 13, 2011.


And now, after spending a shocking amount of time tearing up during (in)RL, I'm off to thoroughly enjoy a little silly time and taco soup with Donna - have a great night!

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