Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday six: trois

I've had sort've a skate-across-the-surface-and-try-not-to-think-about-what's-beneath-my-feet kind of week.

Not that that there's anything wrong with that, you understand.  

(Am I the only one in the world who can never hear or utter the above sentence without thinking about Seinfeld?  Come on, it's just us know you loved 'em!)

Anyway, I guess I was just so busy with the babies and educating America's youth and giving my salary to the laundromat that I couldn't indulge in much deep thought.

It's probably for the best.  

Things can get all whoooey around here when I wade in deep.

("Whoooey = I don't even know.)

Forget it.

Here's my Sunday Six.

1.  Pre-made breakfast burritos pulled out of my veryown freezer.  

Yum, yummy, yummiest.   

If I could just figure out how to keep the edges from getting all too hard & crunchy they would be the best breakfast ever in the history of breakfast and no, I'm not kidding.

2.  The in(RL) online conference.  

I loved it!  The videos are available through this evening so I've saved a couple to watch today, and I literally woke up looking forward to them.  

I cried a little bit.  And by a little bit I mean practically the whole time.  I'm not so much a crier, but the content for this conference was loaded with testimonies about how God is using social media/the worldwideweb to bring Big Glory to His name.  

Big Glory practically demands tears of gratitude.

I just love Him so much.

3.  Finding the Funny.

E has had a bit of an off week.  This means I have had a bit of a way-off week, ha!  

Robin told me he woke up one morning this week and as he was getting dressed for the day he declares, and I quote, "I just can't take Aunt Nay today."

I have laughed for days about this one.  Ohmygoodness I LOVE THAT BOY!  He fills even those messy days with all manner of yummy.

4.  Peripheral participation in a friend's High Drama.  

I'm not at liberty to divulge details in order to protect the horrified, but is there anything more dramatic than second-hand participation in things that just don't (thank goodness!) happen everyday?  That which doesn't kill us  makes us stronger and we might as well laugh about it, is what I'm saying.

5.  Vacation THE BEACH!!!


6.  Free air.

Sheetz has the coolest air machine thing-a-ma-bob I've ever seen.  I'm having some unfortunate right-front-tire issues this week and happened upon this most delightful machine thanks to my daughter, the knower of random things.  Evidently if you enter the desired calibration it will fill the tire right up and then beep at you so you know when to stop.  Unfortunately I have no idea what that calibration would be so that particular feature is not easily utilized.

But man if I did know I would be VERY IMPRESSED.

Also?  Completely free.  I don't wanna talk about how ridiculous I appeared as I wandered around said machine, possibly standing on my head a couple of times as I searched for the coin slot, only to discover you just hit start.

It's often embarrassing being me.

In my defense, my market charges me a whole dollar for air, and I have to admit I find that about three different kinds of absurd.  And greedy.  Also greedy.

Happy Weekending!

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