Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sometimes it's just subpar photographic offerings with a side of drivel

Some days I can barely stand the shock from realizing it's already Wednesday and I have no idea where Monday and Tuesday went.  You have truly reached a milestone in your life when you realize you're incapable of keeping up with that life flying right past you.  Sometimes I think I'm okay with following at a leisurely pace.

Subpar photographic offering - but oh-my-heart!

NOTE:  As I was editing a couple of photographic masterpieces subpar photographic efforts it occurred to me that today is actually, in fact, Tuesday.

I suspect this explains the rapidity with which the week seemed to be passing.  

I feel better already!

Shall we start over?

What a fun week I've had so far!  I've had dinner with friends four different times in a six-day period.  This is bound to be a personal best for me as I often spend weeks inside my own walls and I almost never ever do dinner anymore since I work six evenings out of seven.  And every single time it was fun and important and also fun.  

I feel slightly really guilty for asking my boss for flexibility three of those nights but she's been very kind, mostly since it was January since I last imposed on her kindness in order to eat salad and a variety of bread-y offerings served in napkin-lined baskets.  

I'm pretty sure she understands the value of gabbing it up with a friend over buttery fingers. 

It's the American way I'm pretty sure.

All that socializing was fun, no doubt about it, but I now have to get serious about getting some things done.  Today my big decision is whether to cram an entire project into this very day.  This would be the verysame project I've pretty much had sitting on my table for the last three months...not getting done.  

I wear myself out sometimes with my easy distractability and natural procrastinating self.  But worn out or not, I is who I is, and I might as well learn to work with the limitations I have set before my own self.

(I don't even know what I just said.)

(Mainly I just meant I need to get over myself and get said project completed.)

(So why didn't I just say that?)  (No idea.)

I've pretty much decided I'll go ahead and dive in seeing as how I just gained a whole day, which means I could quite possibly have a bit of tomorrow to bail myself out after I see something shiny and forget to finish.

I don't know how you roll, but I'm thinking that sounds like a perfectly fine plan.

So this is me, hopping off here just as quick as I can before I forget that I am now full of inspiration and drive and focus, and also inspiration.

I can hardly wait to show ya the finished result.

I'll keep ya posted!

(You're welcome.)

Update from just this very minute:  So already right now before I could publish this drivel I received a phone call from something shiny, AKA my mother, and now we're interrupting all progress to dine at Wendy's.  Never in a million years am I going to get anything project-y done, but that's okay because I see an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad in my verynear future.  I suppose you might should start praying for my pitifully wayward ways...

Happy TUESDAY ;)

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