Sunday, May 6, 2012

sunday six: cuatro

1.  Well.  Of course this.

2.  Chili's Loaded Baked Potato Soup.

Oh y'all...

3.  While we're talking about food, daughters who develop a love of cupcake-creating definitely warrant a mention.

4.  I believe sheer, unadulterated joy in colorful toenails deserves its veryown picture.  

Audrey's delight in showing off her pink-tipped nails, and her approval of mine, was such girly fun,

...but her declaration that Her Daddy painted them for her made my heart turn cartwheels.

Also making my heart smile would be the sight of new-dad Drew heading for the exit with fidgety baby and colorful burp cloth on one shoulder, diaper bag slung over the other, and paci well in hand.  

It is all kinds of wonderful, this watching them be dads.

5.  My first-grader who is a boy was still willing to help his Aunt Nay find a new dress at the last minute.  This was several kinds of fun.  

I don't think I've ever received such honest appraisal before, all based on the easy-on-the-ego, thumbs-up system.  

He was all kinds of adorable, especially when less than thrilled with a choice, which of course merited the dreaded one-thumb-sideways vote.

I ultimately opted for the safe two-thumbs-up choice.

Bonus:  His first words upon arrival at the party, "You wore it!"  He was so proud of his participation, and in my not-twenty-something/not-size-little-anymore state I'll take an enthusiastic seven-year-old's approval over an apathetic grownup's any day ;)

6.  I took this picture and yet I think it's really good.  

I like that I actually stopped all my hurrying and went inside, found the camera, and used it.  

On purpose.  

How 'bout that.

Happy Sunday!

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