Monday, May 7, 2012

balloons on the ceiling and finishing well

Before Kate and J married they made the decision together to head to NC for school.  Kate had a good start toward her degree but Jeremy was pretty much starting at square one.  

A few years older than Kate, he had opted out of college and had been working and living the life of gainful employment with things like sleep and savings accounts.  

But they were sure that God was leading them toward ministry, and this would require some further book-learning.

They married soon thereafter and settled into married-student life.

and then God gave them a baby girl.

and then God gave them a baby boy.  
with colic.  and attitude.  and general overall misery ;)

And through it all Jeremy kept pushing/plodding/staggering/bounding ahead toward the goal...


I am so very proud of him for many reasons but one of them is most certainly the finishing.

Finishing college when you dislike most things school, while supporting a growing family and maintaining active participation in ministry is no little accomplishment, it's an amazing feat and a blessing to all of us who have watched...

Nearly every day of these last six years he has dragged his tired self out of bed in the middle of the night to drive 30ish minutes to load trucks for UPS, after which he would quickly clean himself up and head to class or one of his other jobs, depending on the day.   He would fall into bed far too late and then pop up again the next middle of the night.

Before they were married they talked about children and how they wanted to raise them, and Jeremy has sometimes worked three jobs in the same day in order for them to raise their family the way they feel led.

So his days have been a blur of no sleep, multiple jobs, and attending class.

And sometimes doing his homework.

And being a silly daddy with Audrey, and jiggling a certain colic-y boy through the first year of his life.

I know they both very nearly lost their minds more than once in these last long six years, but often with sheer determination, and with my orderly, organized Kate holding down the home front and encouraging him in all things homework....he got it done.

Speechless, is what I am.

And proud.  I'm also proud.

and thankful :)

(A Thousand Gifts #1151-1176)

goals met, and hard work, and finishing well

balloons on the ceiling and meeting their friends

reflecting back, and hearing his name, and weekends full of happy 

sleepovers and pizza at midnight

watching others love the ones I love, and oh the celebrating

her pink toes and his joyous enthusiasm to be with me

tables full of cupcakes and trays full of fruit

dozing while not the driver

early morning breakfasts and clowning around with mom

afternoon naps, and chili's traditions, and discovering the potato soup

remembering God's faithfulness, and generosity, and tender love for us...

knowing it's all because of Him.

...every single bit of it.


Happy Monday!

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