Friday, May 11, 2012

wordy followup

So y'all had some good guesses, but no one actually picked my veryfavorite word. 

Renee's veryfavorite word:

Thwart:  To oppose successfully; prevent from  accomplishing a purpose; to frustrate or baffle

Katie was close when she said "svelte, followed closely by thwart."  Unfortunately she flipped the order of my wordy love.

Side Note:  I was shocked and amazed that when conducting an impromptu poll I discovered several of my friends were not familiar with the aforementioned thwart, and maybe not svelte, and good heavens they asked me to spell drivel.


Nor did they have a favorite word.

They do, however, play words with friends.

I'm confused and befuddled.

(another great one!)

(I'll stop now.)

I have to run now.  My friends have traveled far and wide to be with me.  

(And to watch their children graduate college.)

(But mostly to be with me.)

We have a lot of hilariousness to see to.

Happy Friday!

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