Thursday, May 3, 2012


What a pretty pretty morning here in Virginia.  As I type I'm sitting on my needs-a-spring-face-lift-but-I'm-okay-with-that back porch with bare feet and a semi decent attitude :)  

I hear a a lawnmower working hard a few lawns away and at least 200 birds singing.  Maybe a thousand, it's hard to tell.

If I had to guess I'd say it's probably about 70 degrees and things are thoroughly green and...settled looking.  Most of blooms are long-gone and the trees and bushes have settled in for what is shaping up to be a long summer.  It looks like it's at least the end of May already in my little corner of the world, which leaves me confused and oddly pleased... 

The last couple of months have my weather senses seriously askew, but I don't care because did I mention all THE GREEN? 

We're gearing up around these parts to celebrate in a SUPER BIG way tomorrow, for our Jeremy is GRADUATING COLLEGE after six long years of school and jobs and a wife and two new babies.  There are no words to describe the busting-out-inside kind of happy for him we are right now.  Seriously, no words.  I'm not even going to try today, but take my word for it, HAPPY.

This week is all about what are we going to wear? and Mom-can-you-bring? and where on earth is the recipe for that dip?  There's also a side order of first grade and gainful employment and touching up the roots (yikes!).  Mix all that up with healthy dose of Peyton and gratitude and anticipation of a full two-day weekend and I'm officially filled up :)

I feel like I should tie all this meandering up with a pretty, red-and-white polka dot bow, pull my thoughts together in tidy presentation, and then offer them to you with a smile and a hug, but after sitting here in my creaky glider for a full twelve minutes just...listening, I find myself right where I started.

Surrounded by birdy serenades and copious amounts of green pulling my eyes away from my words.

The lawnmower has stopped.  I guess my neighbor is all finished...but just this minute another one is starting up down the street.  

I predict this to be quite the productive, full-of-life sort of day.

My very favorite kind.

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