Tuesday, May 29, 2012

an attempt at kibosh-ing the putter

So I mentioned on Twitter this morning that I might have developed a raging inability to be still, or relax, or abstain from the putter. 

I gave Sheri a call before heading out this morning to let her know that I had fruit.  

(Fruit.  It's vitally important for a pleasant pool-going experience.)  

As I rattled off my plan she gently reminded me that visiting the local pool is traditionally a vacation-y type experience, full of all manner of chilling out and not being busy.  She might have said something along the lines of "going to the pool is not a chore to mark off your list Renee."  

I don't even know myself anymore.

I used to be so laid back, so easy going, such an "Eh- whatever!" kind of person.

I miss that girl.

So once I got settled into my lounge chair I was still finding various ways to putter.  Did you know you can putter in a lounge chair?  Well you can.  Just ask Sheri...she mocked me for approximately two hours.  

Finally, at one point she said "there it is...now she's chill!"  

And I had to confess I was focusing on slowing my breathing at the time. 

Good grief.

Whatever.  I'm optimistic that it'll all come back to me and I will find my lazy roots in a soonish fashion.

In the meantime I'll just continue my pursuit of summer goodness.  

(Apparently my camera got all foggy because of its proximity to my cooler, what with being inside my cooler and all.)

(So how do you chill out and calm down the inner frantic?  Any suggestions?  Throw 'em at me and I'll share them with the class.)

In the meantime - happy Tuesday!

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