Tuesday, May 15, 2012

regarding fingers and arithmetic, and other miscelleny

For the last two days I've heard about 200 times "I don't have enough fingers!!"

I'm not at all sure I'm fit for teaching first grade.  Is it normal to spend two days teaching a child to add with their fingers?  I'm desperate and pulling out the academic big guns.  

Also?  Apparently his other teacher did it differently.  It seems there are different ways to add with your fingers.

I'm pretty sure my method is superior to the college-educated, teacher-degree'd of this world.



In other news, we are making bread.  I scrapped the sour dough aspirations and went with straight whole-grain honey wheat.  I'm feeling optimistic about it coming out borderline normal.

Unfortunately that means it'll likely be all whole-grainy and is that what we really want?  All I know is I'm tired of eating eggs without toast because I can't bear to eat my beloved extra-soft, white bread because it's full of all manner of terrible, and yet I'm not a fan of the healthy bread at the local Kroger.

I'm hopeful that making it with love will somehow make it more edible.

Hi.  My name is optimism and I'm often wrong.

* * *
(insert clever segue here)

One more Elijah funny & we'll call it a day and perhaps have a nap or a  snack.

(or maybe a shower.)

I made myself a smoothie for lunch and E was intrigued.  I told him he could have  a taste and then I would share if he wanted some of his own.  He tasted it and acted all pleased & excited, so I assumed he wanted some.  However, when I asked if he wanted a straw and he said, "No thanks; I'm cutting down on my sugar right now."

I can't make this stuff up.  

I suspect his mama has polite strategies to get out of unwanted scenarios down to a T, which she has passed down to the next generation.

Whatever.  Don't tell but I didn't want to share anyway.

Happy Tuesday!

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