Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday six

I have one day off each week.  That day is Saturday.  

Ergo, Saturday should be my favorite day of the week.

And yet, it's not.


That would be my favorite day of the week.  

I love love Sundays.  

The sun shines brighter when it's Sunday.  The warm air is warmer and the cool air more refreshing.  Nothing in the history of eating can top Sunday dinner and I think you know I'm saying truth.

...and y'all, can I get an amen on the delight that is the Sunday nap?


I leave you with the following six.  On Sunday.

Ergo, my Sunday Six.

(I apologize for all the ergo-ing.  I don't even know so I won't try to explain.)

1.   If you spend oh, I don't know, an entire afternoon sitting cross-legged on the floor cutting up ancient t-shirts into 11 x 13 squares oblongs for your Jermy's college graduation that is in approximately not-enough-days-away, your musculoskeletal system might just scream at ya all.night.long.   Consider yourself warned.  Keep yourself  hydrated and take small breaks along the way.  

Pace yourself is what I'm sayin.'

2.  I'm not necessarily proud of it but I might have watched the entire eight episodes.   And I might have watched them all in one day.  And that day might have been yesterday.  And I could have been watching while sitting cross-legged on the floor cutting squares oblongs of old t-shirts.

Or maybe not.  I don't wanna say.

I'm a lightweight history buff and also enjoy me some good drama, so when I discovered it was on Netflix I knew it was only a matter of time.  

Of course I didn't know them personally, but frankly I didn't find it particularly rang kinda true to my formed-all-my-life perceptions.  

I really don't understand why the family was in such a snit about it.  I'm no historian but I certainly don't think it broke any shocking ground...nor was it particularly hateful toward anyone. I just don't understand all their crankiness.  

Do they really think we think those people were as dreamy-wonderful as they projected back in the day? 

I'll never understand the very wealthy, but I imagine it's not so easy to seemingly have everything, but still no control over the things that we humans actually care about most.

All that being said.  They sure were one sad bunch of family.  I feel sorry for them for that.

3.  Amelia's lemon tea.  Amen.

4.  Jeremy's almost finished!!!  We are rapidly approaching giddy around here.  I couldn't be prouder of him if I had birthed him myself. 

5.  I can't seem to get enough of Needtobreathe's The Reckoning.  Elijah is a fan of the air guitar in the back seat, which makes me all manner of tickled.  My goal is for him to enjoy car dancing with his Aunt Nay for as long as possible before he understands just how embarrassing that actually is.  The other day we were "performing" Slumber while waiting in line at Wendy's and the nice grandpa walking inside to get his single with cheese stopped and chatted it up with us for a minute.  He seemed very amused by our my humiliation.  In retrospect, I imagine we were quite the sight.  Old(ish) grandma in front seat exhibiting a shocking lack of rhythm singing along with, well, Elijah being full-on Elijah in the back seat.  My daughters would have been horrified.  For me.

6.  Claritin double-teamed with Flonase, with a brand-new box of Kleenex.   

It's the little things, folks.



Happy Sunday!

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