Tuesday, April 24, 2012

interview with a three-year-old, audrey edition

Saturday I got to spend a bit of time with my granddaughter, quite possibly the future leader of the free world or maybe someone's mama.  Either way she'll certainly be rocking the world in a few years.

She is already rocking mine.


Naynay:  Thanks for joining me, Noodle.  How are you feeling today?  

Audrey (AKA Noodle, AKA Sweetie-Pie, AKA Sugar Britches, AKA Goober):  Good.

NN:  I would like to ask you a few questions for our friends who are reading at home.  Would that be okay with you?

A:  Yeah.

NN:  Yes Ma'am?

A:  Yes Ma'am.

NN:  Thanks Honey-Bunch.  Shall we get started?

A:  Yeah.

NN:  Yes Ma'am?

A:  Yes Ma'am.

NN:  Sigh.

NN:  So Audrey, what is your favorite color?

A:  Pink!

(Note:  Babygirl is obsessed with everyone's favorite color.  Interestingly hers was reported to be blue all. weekend. long until this question.  When it was most definitively pink.  Whatever.)

NN:  What's your favorite toy?

A:  Mr. Conductor/Dinosaur Train.

NN:  What is your very-favorite fruit?

A:  Grapes. (Really?)

NN:  What's your favorite TV show, Sweetie?

A:  Dinosaur Train!!!  

NN:  What about lunch?  What is your favorite food to eat for lunch?

A:  Pickles and cheese.  And pep-roni but you don't have pep-roni now so just pickles and cheese. 

NN:  What is your most favorite animal of all?

A:  A brown horse!

NN:  Audrey come back!  Please?  Over here, I'll make it quick...

A:  It's Kenny KentroSAURus Kenny KentroSAURus!

NN:  Kenny Ken-tro-SAUR-us.  Got it.

NN:  sigh.

NN:  So what's your favorite song?


NN:  How about books.  Do you have a favorite book?

A:  Pooh. 

NN:  Do you have a best friend?   Who's your best friend?

A:  Claire!!

NN:  When you go outside to play, what is your favorite thing to do outside?

A:  Smell flowers.

NN:  Okay, now this is a very serious question.  What's your favorite drink for your cup?

A:  Dwink!

NN:  Are you sure you don't mean milk?  (you know, the milk you drink at an average of a gallon every couple of days?).

A:  No!  Dwink!  

* Dwink = Naynay's beloved fountain Pepsi on ice.  Sorry Kate.

NN:  Okay Darlin' we're almost finished.  When you go to bed at night what do you like to take with you?


NN:  Last question and then you can go back to smackin' your baby brother in the head.  What's your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

A:  Pickles and cheese.

NN:  Seriously?  Your favorite breakfast, Honey...

A:  Pickles and cheese pickles and cheese PICKLES AND CHEESE.

You heard it here first, folks.  

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